Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Feb.- June

1. Sensation on face: 麻痒(tingling and itching):像蚂蚁爬过(like ants creeping)。左前额最明显(left for head).
2. Like Qi congregating in forehead, skull, nose bridge, eye orbit area: heavy, uneasy of the breath. But sensation become strong. Recently spread to the center of the feet and palm, anus, legs and arms.
3. Have tried: massage, acupuncture, no noticeable release, try to intake more protein (powder, fish, pill, etc)
4. Regular practice: morning: 7-7:30 - 8-8:30am, 1 hrs or so; evening: 11-11:30 -12:00-12:30am. short session added when time allows.
5. Looks like can concentrate a little bit longer
6. Body: quite often notice tense of the shoulder muscle.

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