Thursday, 5 February 2009

Feb.5 20009

In two cases: mind suddenly became very sharp after a quite long dull sleepy (may be 30 mins), but cannot sustain long;

In another two times, I have different experience about body: One time I felt like body became shorter (may be the feeling of lower part of body was not distinct) ; another time, I felt my hands locked each other (I was in "hand beneath hand" position).

Recent two days, I felt my pace of the daily activities getting faster unconsciously-I thought my average 3-4 hours meditation should slow that down.

I am sincerely considering to find a place to meditate full day in weekend.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

  • itching or electric-like feeling : lots of places, back palm, feet, epecailly faces (hair skin, mose and eye ares, earlode), in an after meditation;
  • recent days, i am have the apparent coolness, a bit itching-like, and dissolving-like feeling in my Right head during the practice;
  • Last night, after one-day class and work, and a "romantic period" with girlfriend, the sit was terrible, almost in sleep in the last half part of sit(one-hour).